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DrivePro Body App

Transcend's DrivePro Body App is designed specifically for the DrivePro Body cameras featuring Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows streaming and downloading of recorded files to mobile devices quickly and conveniently. Get started by connecting your mobile device to the DrivePro Body camera's Wi-Fi now!


Select your DrivePro Body device from the menu. Remaining battery and recording time will be clearly shown on the display.

Live View

Instantly view real-time footage recorded by the DrivePro Body camera on your mobile device.



Videos are classified by the date recorded. You can search quickly to find the video file wanted, and play it on your mobile device.


Device and Video Settings

Device and video settings can be adjusted via your mobile device, including video resolution, video length, video stamp, volume, and date/time.


Siri Shortcuts

Add the app to Siri Shortcuts to quickly start recording, capturing images, or checking DrivePro Body power status.

*This function is only available to DrivePro Body models with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. (DrivePro™ Body 30, DrivePro™ Body 60)

*Siri Shortcuts is only available to iPhone with iOS 12 versions or above.

Location History

Record the latest timestamp and location when a DrivePro Body camera connects to the app, providing valuable information in the event the camera goes missing.

Trim Video

When playing a video, trim and download the desired video segment (10s, 20s, 30s) without having to download the entire clip to your phone for editing.

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